Christian Sullivan is the Rotary Club of Falmouth Student of the Week! Christian is a member of the National Honor Society as well as the Science, Math and Spanish Honor society. He serves as president for the Science Honor Society, vice president for the Math and secretary for the National Honor Society. He is an AP Scholar with Distinction and received a Distinction of Merit Award in writing from the National Council of Teachers of English and was a Book Awards recipient.  He has served since 10th grade as the class of 2024 representative to student government having previously served freshman year as the class vice president and the boys state representative junior year. He was also the student representative on the search committee for an FHS Athletic Director. 

Christian is a varsity athlete playing hockey, soccer and lacrosse receiving the Coach’s award sophomore year in hockey, the sportsmanship award in soccer his junior year.  

In his spare time Christian volunteers with the Falmouth Road Race, as a science/engineering fair judge for Falmouth Public Schools,  and a tutor for Science, Math and Spanish. He has his certification for safety with America’s Boating course and works as a caddie and outside operations at the Sacconnessett Golf Club.